The biggest bully you will ever face

“The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts.” Bryant McGill

This is something I've learned over the years. Our mind bullies us more than we will ever know. Our mind will tell us things like: we aren't good enough, we are fat, worthless, unloved, alone, and the list goes on. At times our thoughts consume us, and very well control us plus they make us believe things about ourselves that simply aren't true. 

We believe our thoughts to the point they start to change us into someone we aren't. We can become angry inside, jealous, unfaithful, liars, violent, depressed, and the list goes on. We drown out those around us who can help us and we give in to the biggest bully we will ever face, our thoughts. This is how I almost lost my life to suicide. My thoughts convinced me I was not loved, that I was always going to be alone, and I wasn't good enough for this world. My thoughts even convinced me that no one cared if lived or died.

So how do we protect ourselves from our thoughts bullying us?

1. Pay attention - pay attention to what you say to yourself. If you speak negativity into your life then trust me things are going to be negative. You will always have negative thoughts. So do whatever it takes to keep positivity in your life. Some of the things I do are: listen to music that keeps me upbeat, read a book or my bible, talk to the friends that I have who are always positive, watch a movie, and shoot basketball. Those things keep my thoughts positive. So make a list of things that bring out positivity in your life. 
2. Change a life - With the abuse I suffered in my life I have battled at times with my thoughts. One thing that has helped me is helping others. Before I started helping others my thoughts truly were my biggest bully. When my life started to change is when God showed me I had a purpose and the purpose was to help others with similar scars as mine. Helping others help me stand up to my negative thoughts that were telling me I don't matter, or that no one cares if I'm here or not. So just try helping someone else, it may be helping a friend or helping your parents with things around the house. Trust me, it will help.
3. Clean house - Don't worry this doesn't mean physically clean the house you live in. What I mean by "clean house" is do away with the things that cause your thoughts to always be negative. I learned that I always ran to the things or people who would add to my negative thoughts. Sit down and make a list of things that cause you to have negative thoughts and have the courage to do away with those things or people. Always surround yourself with things and people who make you a better person. 

I hope this helps you stand up to the thoughts you have that bully you. Think2change the way you think about yourself and stand up to the bully called your thoughts. As always I am available to help in anyway just email me If this blog helped you then please share it with others.