Sia, Miley Cyrus and why I was wrong

Sia and Miley Cyrus, and why I was wrong.

When I write a blog I usually try to come from a personal experience, especially when I am wrong about something. Usually the way it works is when I am wrong about something, God shows me, and corrects me. So I share this with you hoping my lesson will help you if you're ever wrong in the same way.

The way we judge people, if we would be honest enough, is pretty shallow. I learned this as I was watching the artist Sia one night on TV. I only watched about 30 seconds of her performance because of the way she looked. I thought why is this  woman wearing this ridiculous wig that was covering her whole face. I thought to myself "this woman is NUTS". Now keep in mind I didn't know one single thing about who Sia was. I didn't know her story past, or present. All I knew is she looked weird. One day I'm sitting on my couch and a story about Sia comes on tv so I decide to watch it because I wanted to find out what made her so dang weird. As I am watching I found myself feeling so stupid and realized how judgmental I have been. The one thing I hate more than anything (judging) I myself had been doing. 

I am a huge fan of songwriters. I don't care who the artist is I automatically have respect for someone who writes their own songs. So I was a little blown away to find out Sia not only writes her own songs but has written many for other artist. That is not all that made me realize how wrong I had been. I then find out that she lost her boyfriend in a car accident. This of course devastated her and she turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort. That battle lasted 6 years until she overcame it. So why does she wear the wigs that made me initially judge her? Well in her own words Sia said  "I don't wear this unless there are cameras around. I only wear this to try and maintain a modicum of privacy,". 

So the reason I realized I was wrong is simple. I was judging a woman purely on a WIG. I was judging a woman who went through heartache and pain the same as I did. Let me repeat why I judged this woman, because of a WIG! I knew nothing about her battles, her losses, her true talent, her soul, or anything else except she looked weird wearing a wig so that must mean she's just a weird person. Digging deeper I found out that Sia is probably one of the most generous and loving people you would ever meet. I have done this before and admit now that I see the problem, I don't like it. I did it with Miley Cyrus when she changed her appearance from the all American girl to a little bit of everything.  Even though Miley done some things maybe I didn't agree with, I still had no right judging her as if I was better. We do it daily, well if we are honest with ourselves. We judge someone based on looks along. We don't try to understand someone's true heart and soul. We aren't interested in their backstory or struggles they may have in the present. We simply just act that in someway our lives are much better. 

Truth is we are all messed up in some way. We all either have had, or have or issues we try to work through. Think back to when you were battling struggles in your like, would you want someone judging you behind your back. We all process pin different. Sia's way was wearing a wig. The wig doesn't make her who she is, her heart does. So next time you judge someone because of the clothes they wear, or there choice of music, or any other external thing ask yourself if you really know anything about them. Always remember when you judge someone you're not defining them, you're defying yourself.