Your life is a mess, now what

Your life is a mess, now what


“It's okay. Even when it's not okay. You took the long road. You took a few wrong turns. But it's okay, you're on your way home."


The quote above is one of my favorites. It reminds me that no matter how many wrong choices I've made, how many horrible choices I've made, or how many times I've just completely screwed up that God is not done, nor will He ever be done with me. I'll confess, my life has been a complete mess at times, but if we are honest with ourselves all of lives are a mess in some kind of way. Sure we may appear to have it all together on the outside, but a lot of the time we are a complete mess on the inside.


My messes usually come when I have battles with depression. The days when it literally feels like my mind had giving up on me. Come to think of it though, everyone's mess comes when they have some battle with depression, anxiety, or simple fear. That's usually when we don't think clearly and when we don't think clearly it always leads to bad decisions, which in return makes a mess of our life. So as I've always said since I started Think2change, "we are at our weakest when our minds are at their weakest".


Think about all the stress, pressure, hurt, and garbage our minds take in on a weekly basis. Sometimes our minds are so tired that when we lay down at night we dread getting up the next day. So what we do is blame people or circumstances around us for our unhappiness when in reality it's because our life is a mess and we have allowed it to get that way. So what do I do when my life starts to become a mess?



1.    Calm down- it’s the first thing I do. I go somewhere that’s comfortable to me and take a deep breath. I go somewhere that will allow my mind to relax because you think well when your mind is relaxed. “Answers appear when we’re calm enough to receive them, not when we’re fighting a raging battle in our minds.”

2.    Make a list- this works if you just try it. Once your calm and thinking clearly sit down and make a list of all the things that are causing you to feel like your life is a mess. Make it detailed and be honest with yourself. Is it finical? Is it the stress of a relationship? Is it you feel like you’re disappointing someone? Ext…. Just be honest and clear when you make your list.

3.    Get to work- one of the problems in today’s time is that we all want someone else to clean up our messes. You will never get anywhere in life always depending on others to bail you out or fix your problems. We all want to make the choices we did to cause our life to become a mess, but we never want to accept the consequences. Look at you list and get to work on fixing the mess. Yes there may be some hard decisions to make, but you need to make them. Remember when you are working on your list that the goal isn’t temporary happiness, but long-term happiness.

4.    Accountability- The word we all seem to hate these days. If your life is a mess and you’ve made your list then it’ a must you get accountability partner to help make sure you don’t take shortcuts on the list. This person must be someone who is there for you through the good and bad. Someone you know who wants the best for you and will always tell the you truth even when it’s hard to hear.


Remember, When your life is a mess it’s ok to lean on someone. There isn’t a person alive that at sometime hasn’t had to have someone to help them cope. Always deal with your mess head on no matter how hard it may be.